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Messianic Assembly

After much prayer and the words page 1165 ringing in my ears, the first Lion Ministries assembly was held on 6th March 2010 and until further notice will be on the first Shabbat (Saturday) of the month every month.
Our last meeting was Shabbat March 1st 2014

Brothers and Sisters in ha'Mashiach from this point on and for the fore-seeable future there will be no more Assemblies held at my home, however if you go on Facebook, you may find likeminded people in your area. Thank you for visiting.

If you are a Christian looking for a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, or someone who is searching for some sort of answer to life's questions, or maybe looking for something a little bit different? or maybe you are a Messianic believer like myself, you are welcome to email me and ask your question. If you have a group in the UK and would like to invite me along for a talk. Please do so.
Shalom, and thank you.


We were made for Good Works