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All the nebi'im (prophets) had one major theme, "Return to El". Unless the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac(Yitshaq), the Elohim of Jacob(Ya'aqob), tells me otherwise, then this is my role, also. So whatever variety of Christianity (bearing in mind of course Yahushua wasn't a Christian, and the disciples of Yahushua weren't Christians) you follow, you are not immune from the judgement of ELOHIM. ELOHIM is Love, but with that Love comes chastisement when the Father sees fit to administer it.
Repent ye, make straight paths for ELOHIM.

April/May 2016
2nd April - Shabbat -   
9th April - Shabbat -  
16th April - Shabbat -   
 23rd April - Shabbat -    
30th April - Shabbat - 

7th May - Shabbat - 
14th May - Shabbat -  
21st May - Shabbat -  
28th May - Shabbat -   


שבת שלום


Note: Sabbath begins at Sunset the previous evening and ends at Sunset on the date shown
Sunset times shown are "Universal times" as calculated for Peterborough, England, UK. For your town or city, type in your favourite Search engine, "Sunrise Sunset (your town/city)" and click on go or search. Two sites I found useful were and This second site however, doesn't seem to be available currently, but I have included it because it is my prefered site. It just may be there is maintenance work being carried out and it could be back online when you try it.

February/March 2017
                  18th February - Shabbat -                    
26th February - Shabbat - 
    5th March - Shabbat -   


Click on the date link for the appropriate readings for that day. 

שבת שלום
For UK residents, please add 1 hour during BST (British Summer Time) to arrive at the correct time.
Please note: UK Residents - Nov thru March actual times are shown.

 If we love ELOHIM ,we will obey His commands (not always easy and sometimes impossible). In the Scriptures, (Holy Bible), ELOHIM says true religion is this, "To do justice, love mercy", In the Messianic Scriptures or Writings, Besuras haGeulah(New testament), Yahushua says, "Love your neighbour as yourselves", i.e., anyone who we come into contact with. So come on Brothers and Sisters - Let's Do It.
El Shaddai, Almighty ELOHIM, has given you talents - USE THEM for His purposes. Ah-mein.